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A tree bending in 35+mph winds.  Clark Co. KSRoy Beckemeyer is a retired Aeronautical Engineer with a deep and abiding interest in natural history.  He studies the taxonomy and biology of dragonflies, robber flies, and other insects, Paleozoic fossil insects, and the  biomechanics and evolution of flight in nature.  He is on the editorial boards of The Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society, Odonatologica and Notulae odonatologicae, and is Co-editor of The Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science.

"What fine opportunities for geology & for studying the infinite host of living beings: is not this a prospect to keep up the most flagging spirit?  If I was to throw it away, I don't think I should ever rest quiet in my grave..." - Charles Darwin commenting on his opportunity to become naturalist on the Beagle voyage in a letter to his sister Catherine Darwin, 22 May, 1833

Photo, right and background - A tree and prairie grasses bending in a 35+ mph wind howling across Clark County, Kansas.  Photographed May, 2000 by the author at Clark Co. State Lake.

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