Bird & Insect Photos  Quivira NWR

Photos taken May 19, 2006 by Roy J. Beckemeyer

Bird pictures taken with Nikon D100 digital camera and 500 mm Nikon manual focus lens; insect picture taken with Nikon D70 digital camera and Nikon 200 mm macro lens. 

Background: American Avocet, Quivira NWR, Big Salt Marsh.

Right: Female Wilson's Phalarope, Quivira NWR, Stafford County, Kansas, Big Salt Marsh.








Left: Eastern Kingbirds, Quivira NWR, field southeast of Little Salt Marsh, northeast of Headquarters buildings.









Right: Male Yellow-headed Blackbird, Quivira NWR, cattail marsh on Migrant's Trail.










Left: Lark Sparrow, roadside east of Little Salt Marsh, Quivira NWR, Stafford County, Kansas.





Right: Eastern Meadowlark on  fencepost.


















Left: Red-winged Blackbird male displaying - near Big Salt Marsh.





Right:  Snowy Plover running across road.  Note the leg bands.














Left: A newly emerged male dragonfly, Odonata: Anisoptera: Gomphidae: Arigomphus submedianus, the Jade Clubtail, in the grass adjacent to the fishing pond near the south entrance to Quivira NWR.  Note that the wings have yet to dry, and the colors are pale and the cuticle translucent.