Sim Park Bike Path, Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas, June 16, 2006:

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Last Updated 17 January 2007


Right: A male Soldier Beetle (Coleoptera: Cantharidae: Chauliognathus sp.).  These beetles were all over these blooms.  Background: A pair of the beetles mating.













Left: A female of the species (Coleoptera: Cantharidae: Chauliognathus sp.).








Right: Another view of the mating pair of Soldier Beetles.













Left: A Bee Fly (Diptera: Bombyliidae).









Right and below: A male Tiger Swallowtail (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae: Papilio glaucus).











Right below: A male Promachus Robber Fly (Diptera: Asilidae: Asilinae: Apocleini: Promachus sp.)


Left below: A Jumping Spider (Arachnida: Salticidae).


















Right: A Common Sootywing (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae: Pholisora catallus).  Left below: Horace's Duskywing (Leptidoptera: Hesperiidae: Erynnis horatius).























Left: I think that this is a very pale Tawny Emperor male (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Asterocampa clyton).


Right above: A male Monarch buterfly paused very briefly at these flowers.  (Lepidoptera: Danaidae: Danaus pexippus).



Below left: A female Familiar Bluet Damselfly (Odonata: Zygoptera: Coenagrionidae: Enallagma civile).













Right: A small robber fly - Asilidae: Laphriinae: Atomisiini: Atomosia puella -this is the one that perches on vertical surfaces, usually head-down (see June 15 page).