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Last updated: 8 May 2008

2008 Links:

LINK TO:    8 May 2008 - Black-throated Blue Warbler

2007 LINKS:  

LINK TO: 26 February Prairie Falcon / 12 May 2007 - Kansas Stilt-legged Flies / 13 May 2007 - Kansas Diptera29 May - Illinois Scorpionflies15 Sept. 2007 - Giant Swallowtail Caterpillars in our yard  /

Right above: A prairie falcon in late evening sun.  Wichita: Sim Park Golf Course, Sedgwick Co., KS, Feb. 26, 2007.


2006 LINKS:

YellowHeadedBlackbirdb.jpg (131946 bytes) LINK TO: NINNESCAH RIVER MAY 2006ARKANSAS RIVER MAY 2006  / SEDGWICK COUNTY JUNE 2, 2006 / SEDGWICK COUNTY JUNE 4, 2006 / JUNE 5 2006 / JUNE 9 2006 / JUNE 13 2006 / JUNE 14 2006June 15 2006 / June 16 2006Konza Prairie July 15, 2006 / Sedgwick County 18 July 2006 / 20 August 2006 / 23 August 2006 /

Right: A yellow-headed blackbird, Quivira NWR, Stafford Co., KS, May 19, 2006 - More photos - LINK HERE

Photos of Roy Beckemeyer and his Yellow Lab, Joe, taken at Quivira NWR by Joseph Hall of Tulsa, OK - MeAndJoe.html

FebruarySnipe.jpg (172784 bytes)

Left: A Common Snipe that I saw nearly every day on the Arkansas River near Sim Park in Wichita beginning in mid January and extending through mid February, when a hard freeze set in for several days.  The bird was seen almost daily, always feeding in a very shallow mud-bottomed stretch of the river.  This photo taken Feb. 15, 2006.  I have been walking my dog along the bike path past the river here for 8 years or so, and this is the first time I have seen this species here in the winter.




ellsworthupland3.JPG (44840 bytes)Right: An Upland Sandpiper photographed in Ellsworth County, Kansas, 27 April, 2004 by Roy Beckemeyer along a road west of Kanopolis Reservoir.  Nikon 500 mm lens and D-100 Digital camera body, from window of car.  This fellow was flying up onto fence posts and doing his wolf whistle call in response to other calling and displaying birds.





At the 2004 BioBlitz at Chaplin Nature Center near Arkansas City, Kansas The following GREAT PLAINS BIODIVERSITY LINKS cover fauna & flora other than those already provided in my pages on insects, birds, and prairie and river ecology:


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