Sympetrum obtrusum male in "obelisk" perching positionINSECTS

A Web page by Roy J. Beckemeyer    (My entomological work, focused on Odonata, Asilidae, and Paleozoic insects, is done in my capacity as a Museum Associate with University of Kansas Natural History Museum Divison of Entomology.)                                   

Last Updated: 14 January 2011

2008 Wichita State University Ninnescah Field Station Bioblitz


(Photo on right is the White-faced Meadowhawk, Sympetrum obtrusum, here trying to stay cool by pointing his abdomen at the sun and thereby minimizing the area being illuminated and heated. - an example of insect thermoregulation by behavior.   This perching position is called the "obelisk", and is seen in a number of dragonflies.  I titled this picture "Firecracker" - the red-hot flower and red-hot dragonfly almost make you break out in a sweat just looking at them! Taken Aug. 1998 in Nebraska on a 105 degree day by Roy J. Beckemeyer. )



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