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This page contains links and information on some of my areas of interest outside the realm of the North American prairie.  

These include the ecology of alpine and arctic areas, as well as reports on some of the trips that my wife, Pat, and I have taken.  

The trip reports often include bird, wildlife, and insect pictures as well as information of general interest.



 The photo at right is a typical scene in Antarctic waters - an iceberg floating in the frigid water, given a deceivingly warm impression by the setting sun.  Taken from The Akademik Ioffe, a Russian vessel,  near Port Lockroy, the British Antarctic Station.  Antarctica teems with life in its brief summer season, and mingling with the tens of thousands of penguins gathered on the shores of the peninsula provides an unforgettable experience! 

 The photo at right shows the cabanas where guests to Chan Chich Lodge stay.  This is a unique and pleasant way to spend a very different Christmas.  




The photo at right shows Down House as viewed from the back yard of the estate.  English Heritage runs the museum here, and it is well worth visiting if you are in London.


The photo on the right shows the reed beds of peninsular Thailand in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province near Khao Sam Roi Yat National Park - the home of many lovely dragonflies.

The picture on the right shows the Inca City of Machu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes.   Located at about 2000 meters in the cloud forest habitat, the site is one of the most well-preserved of the known Incan ruins.  The birds, butterflies, and dragonflies of the region are as spectacular as the scenery.

The picture on the right, taken on the road between the city of Agra and Rhanthambhore National Park, shows one of the camel carts commonly used in the region.  Photo taken during the dry season, April, 2001.  We saw three tigers and many other mammals and a large number of bird species at Rhanthambhore.  Add to this the splendors of the Red Fort and the Taj Mahal in Agra, and you have the makings of a memorable trip!



 Photo at right: Collecting Libellula composita, Erythrodiplax berenice, Ischnura barberi,  and other dragonflies at Bitter Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico at the DSA Meeting Post Trip.  From left, Nick Donnelly (NY), Robert Larsen (NM), John Abbott (TX). 


Cerro Kilambe skyline - Jinotega District, Nicaragua

 Photo at right: Skyline view from trail climbing up to Cerro Kilambe, August, 2001.  Threatening rain, which eventually came in buckets, making the hike in to our camp a long, muddy and difficult one.   

Photo at right: The Bristlecone Pine Forest lies 6,000 feet above the floor of the Owens Valley, where the post-meeting trip for the 2003 DSA event was held.  The high-desert like Owens Valley is home to the deserticola form of Cordulegaster dorsalis and to other interesting Odonata.



                Photo at right:  Nick Donnelly in the Petawawa River swinging for the dusk-flying shadowdragon, Neurocordulia michaeli.  






Photo at right:  Red-Bordered Pixie, a tropical riodinid that can be found in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.  Digital image by Roy Beckemeyer taken in Mission, Texas, October, 2002.





Photo at right:  A tandem pair of Pyrrhosoma nymphula, The Large Red Damselfly.  DIgital image by Roy Beckemeyer, May, 2004, Woking, Surrey, England.








Photo at right: A Hammerkop in flight - photographed with a handheld Nikon D100 with manual focus 500 mm telephoto lens, near Wakkerstroom, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.





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